18 giugno 2006

August in NY - Looking for a place to stay

I wanna spend my summer holidays in NYC.
I am looking for a place to stay. I tried on craiglist for a room in a shared flat but I haven't still received any reply. So, since I don't have a counter on this blog but I have the map (right frame), i think that maybe there is a newyorker popping here now and then.


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  1. Hello Paola,

    I found your blog via Expats. I am a New Yorker, although I no longer live there :(
    I can tell you the reason you are probably not getting responses from Craig's List is because they are afraid it may be a scam since you are coming from a foreign country. You can try looking in the New York Times classified ads or try to contact a property rental agency. There is also a website called roommates.com that may be of some help. I have a friend who is single in New York and she is pretty good at that sort of thing since she moves in and out of her parents house all the time. If you like I can ask her to give me some information and I can pass it onto you. She's a bit older than you at 34 years old and I am an old married woman at 33...haha!! No, we are not old, just older than you. Anyhow, if I can be of help you can email me at aselnliz97@yahoo.com
    We have similar dreams, except I want to live in Italy and you here in the States. My husband doesn't want to though, so I'm stuck...Oh well..
    I like your blog! Keep it up!

    <3 Liz

  2. Liz, thank you for all your advices. i will give a look at roommates.com for sure....and finger crossed!


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