21 gennaio 2006

My website

As usual, when exams' time come closer I start doing things I never do. One of these is making up my website. The first website I ever had was made eight years ago and it was hosted on geocities. I was in terza media and in dial-up connection. To download a MP3 took one hour and half. Program such as FlashGot and Getright were used to fragment downloads over time. Now I am still in dial-up (fuck u, Libero ADSL!) and I have another website on the Libero Digilander web space.
After a brief parenthesis on Fortunecity, my website was obscured (I think because I never updated it. Now I decided to put it back with a little (very little, I must confess) updating on Digilander.
The link is Pola's 2006 Home Page and it is in Italian. In this way I hope to make happy all those people who complain about a blog in English and all the ones complaining about the website in Italian.

3 commenti:

  1. I think that a weblog should be done in Italian, English would be better for a website.

  2. I think you could have start to think about sex sooner in order to be the first to register the sex.com domain. :)

  3. Where are you??? Hope all is well.


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