20 gennaio 2006

It's almost 9 in the morning

I'm at the faculty's PC corner...well it is not a corner since it's a room. Anyway lessons haven't started yet and I am already thinking about somethin else.
I registered to Libero Community to write on Aunt Ketty's blog (link in the right frame) and after 3 days (I mean THREE fu***ing days) my message service was full of lonely-men messages. How much sadness does exist in this world? One was of a macho man promising fun, another one wrote just because we live in the same city (oh yeah, I use internet to meet the people I take the coffee with at the bar (coffee shop)!!) and another one was of a sad man asking for company.
But would you like a man begging attention from anyone?

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  1. I met my husband on the internet but neither of us was there for the purpose of looking for love. In fact, if he HAS come on to me right from the start, I would have run away as fast as I could!


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