24 novembre 2005

Martino learns English

't was yesterday since I found that blogger.com is plenty of cat's blogs. How funny! I may be the only Italian cat but I'm for sure the only Spazzolino of the whole blog-world!!! I had to learn English very quickly so now I can talk with my furry friends from all over the world! And by the way, Girino speak French only because he is an enfant terrible - this is how he calls himself- and Poldo doesn't speak at all. What a nice idea to have an English furry blog! I'm always the best of the courtyard. Martino - the beautiful Spazzolino

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  1. Certo che siete proprio strani, la tua padrona mi fa le menate perche` uso la mappa americana per la tastiera e poi ti fa scrivere in inglese... blah.. :P


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