05 novembre 2012

Just a lighthearted post to say 'hey, I'm back!'

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since my last post here on Blogspot (or Blogger, I lost track of that, too).
I saw there is still people visiting the blog, so HELLO YOU SILENT READERS!

A quick update on how the story went: I am still working at the same company, no longer as an intern like in 2008, but as a temporary contract worker. I have been ‘temporary’ 4-5 times since 2009 now, I can’t remember exactly. I will spare you the details - long story made short: it still sucks.

The nice news is that I won the green card at the diversity lottery.
I am not kidding, this happened for real and I was as surprised as you. I enrolled in 2010 and I received the winning notification on July 2012. By September 2012 I was at the US Consulate in Naples with my passport stamped.
I must cross the US border by  March 2013 in order to ‘validate’ my VISA. I am very excited!

Although I dreamt the American dream for years, after the last time I visited the USA my love-blindness for the US sort of vanished, I got so see also some of its flaws, other than its perks.
Truth to be said, I just visited NYC all the three times, so I don’t have a real point in judging the whole USofA.

I am having a hard time in deciding where I’d like to move – every now and then there is a natural disaster on the US coasts, so it looks like I just need to choose which death I want to suffer from.
From the map below, I think I’ll go with the invading Canadians. They don’t even carry guns, so that might me a pro rather than a con!

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