04 settembre 2010

New layout, same ol' stuff

Today I came on my blog after a very long time.
You are not forgotten, my dear blog, I was just busing doing other stuff.

I come on blogspot and all sorts of pop-ups are popping-up (well, what else?), there are a gazillion of new features, among which lay maybe a hundred of different customizable layouts that doesn't require you to know a word (or a TAG) of HTML. I can't tell how much time I spent shuffling and browsing the various theme and colour combinations, anyway you can see the results for yourself, dear reader.

The only downside is that I came on blogspot for a reason, but I cannot recall what I wanted to write. So, just to keep this blog alive (better to say half-asleep) I am writing this post to simply say: new layout, same ol' stuff.

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  1. I just saw a new-to-me blog with this layout today...I love it!


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