04 marzo 2010

Anobii - do the hardcore readers use it?

I've known about Anobii since years but never was enticed enough to subscribe to it.
Anyway I finally subscribed and here's my page: http://www.anobii.com/poala/books

As I often sell my books - I don't have that much space to collect them - I was not happy to have such a few. That's why created an account for my mom and spent (ME!) a whole week to insert more than 2200 books, most of them without ISBN, scanning covers and typing details.

My idea was both to play with the barcode scanner I gave to my mom as a gift for her account on Anobii and, second, to let her browse through the compatibility index for new books and to use the suggestions tailored on her existing bookshelves.

Of course when I finished this job my mom said "I really see no point into browsing into other people's bookshelves. What do I care about *their* books?"

I still have hope.
Shelf sample on Anobii (not mine)

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  1. Anonimo4:42 PM

    You could expect that from your mother.


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