19 ottobre 2008

Gas Turbine Theory

I don't think there is any engineer reading my blog except myself, but I will post this anyway.
I did a little research online to find a reliable and modern book about gas turbines and I decided that Gas Turbine Theory by prof. H.I.H. Saravanamuttoo, who seems to be a celebrity of the field and is/was teaching in Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
I just spen €75 for the fifth edition which was just published at the end of last September.

During a course at university, regarding ethic in environimental engineering, the teacher told us that in Italy we had been out of date for so long in the field because it took 5 years to translate the most important books related to ethic/environiment.

Being able to read in English well enough to understand such a book like the one of prof. Saravanamuttoo is such a privilege and this is the reason why I took myself to improve my English throughout the university. A lot of my classmates are having troubles with their English because we just took an English course in the freshman year.

I must confess that a lot of professionals I meet have a rough English, or at least an English clearly learnt on the field and with mistakes in grammar and syntax. I myself have the opposite problem: too much learning and studying written English, and so little practice!

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  1. Anonimo6:37 AM

    ciao, paola! sono un engineer da stati uniti (BSME da UCLA). non posso scrivare bene in l'italiano, e non capisco niente di gas turbines, ma la vostra blog e molto divertente. in bocca al lupo, paola!

  2. Gas Turbine Theroy? I remember my son studing that at Uni (Environmental Engineering).

    You speak (write) English perfectly!

  3. www.turbtech.com1:02 AM

    look at books from lakschminarayana and cumpsty (for compressor aerodynamic. otherwise Bölcs for GT and especially transsonic flow. let me know what you want,I'll try to tell you where you find it

  4. look at books from lakschminarayana and cumpsty (for compressor aerodynamic. otherwise Bölcs for GT and transsonic flow.

  5. Anonimo3:32 AM

    You are a very smart person!

  6. Informative article you got here keep the work up and continue on doing so its a very great thing for you to post this article.


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