23 giugno 2008

When I was a child...

...I believed that outside Italy the people talked with a less developed language made of noises, very much like monkeys.

...I believed that to make a baby was enough to sleep under the same covers with a man that loved you.

...when I heard about gay people for the first time I was reading a newspaper article about two "he" and I though about a typo, so I asked my mom and she said that it was not a typo. I was very confused.

...when I discovered that to get someone pregnant you have to stick a piece of flesh into someone else's body I thought it should been painful and a very invasive procedure. Wasn't there a simpler way to make a baby?

...when I heard about a spouse making out with someone that was not his wife I thought "This is not possible because he is married". Like if some sort of extra-strong glue stick two people together forever. That was my idea of marriage.

...when in the kindergarten I discovered that males have a strange piece of flesh hangin' under they belly and they used it to pee I found it very funny, like if it was some sort of umbilical cord that might fall off sooner or later. I was very curious to see how it worked.

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