11 novembre 2007

The softwares that can't miss on my computer

It was Friday evening, my desktop computer was connected to the internet and the light went off for 2 seconds. After that, I was unable to connect through my ethernet and my d-link modem+router. I have tried everything and now the last thing I can try is to format the whole computer. The LAN is fine because my notebook is surfing the net normally.

Formatting is taking longer and longer because of the high amount of data to be backupped. And because of the number of softwares we use, and because of their increasing size due to their high performances. So, I have decided to post a list of the software I can't forget to install on my newly formatted computer with download links. In this way everytime I format I just have to read this post to dowload the most recent version.

What you should remember to backup:

1) email messages
2) documents
3) images
4) databases such as your book inventory or your CD and DVD inventory
5) address book of your email client
6) favourite bookmarks (yiu can use the Firefox's add-on Foxmarks to have them stored on the web and download/upload them when you need)

The softwares you will need

1) an OS (Operative System) according to your preference (get it before formatting)
2) an antivirus (get it before formatting so that you will install it before connecting the internet), my favourite anitivirus is free and it's called Avast
3) a web browser to download the following softwares ;) I use Firefox

4) one or more antispywares such as Spybot Search & Destroy and Adaware
5) one cache cleaner, I use CCleaner
6) a PDF reader, I recommend to use Foxit which as the same functions as Acrobat Adobe Pro but is free and lighter
7) A suite of programs to read and write word, excel, power points, access files. You can buy Microsoft Office or you can just download OpenOffice for free.
8) An email client if you don't use your webmail. I use Thunderbird.
9) A bluetooth software, I use IVT BlueSoleil. It's not free but it comes with your usb bluetooth device.
10) A software to listen to the music. My fave is winamp but I need iTunes to listen to some music I bought on their website.
11) An IM (Istant Messenger) such as MSN Messenger, ICQ, etc. You can also get some multiple chat clients to have a single software for more than one community. In the past I used Miranda, but it didn't support voicecalls so I switched back to MSN Messenger.

12) Some games. It's incredible how it is hard to find good games these days. They don't have to take all your screen nor 100% your attention, they shouldn't be flashy or noisy. Card games are the best, but there are some strategy games I love. Popcap Games has excellent games. They are not free but you can try them for a while before buying. My mom also plays Brickshooter , DxBall and Bubble Golden Pack 3.
13) Jack SMS: for Italian users, it allows to send a limited amount of free texts.
14) Power DVD, a DVD player which allows double subtitles, very handful when it comes to learn a language throught movies. Not free but has a trial version. I have the full version because it came with my DVD burner.
15) AIDA 32 - it's a nice software which shows you how the space on your HD is allocated. You can easily individuate the bigger files.
16) AnyDVD is used to burn DVDs.
17) A neutral screensaver such as Fliqlo, which shows the time in a old fashioned yet cool way
18) BsPlayer is a player which allow you to watch DiVx with subtitles (to be downloaded ina separated files)
19) an Italian-English dictionary with pronunciation, such as the Oxford-Paravia
20) Filezilla to easily upload via ftp you files on your webspace
21) Macromedia Dreamweaver & Fireworks. The first one is to edit/build webpages, the latter is used for the photo editing.
22) WordWeb is an English only dictionary which offers for free also synonims, nearest types and figured pronounciation. It's very light and easily to use. Just select the word you want to explore and click a combination of keys of your choice to open it. Now it features also a search on wikipedia. The software it's free, but there is also a Pro version for €19 which offers some more stuff.

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