07 ottobre 2007

Exams are almost over (forever!)

So, today, Sunday the 7th, I should be spending my day studying for my last exam. By tomorrow 6PM it should be over and I will no longer have the pressure of "give the most you can in the shorter time". I guess I'll feel relieved and I am trying to remember how I felt when I gave my last exam of the bachelor's.

I was shocked and my friend and classmate Brizio kept saying me "Pola, my god, congrats, you did it!!". It took a long while before I realized I really did it.
But I knew that after the graduation it would change a lot since I was already enrolled at the master's.

But this time is different. It will be over, forever. Maybe my real last exam will be a professionalizing one, the one to become a Professional Engineer, but I'm not sure I will do it. Each country, or each region of Country, have their exam. For example, if I take the Italian exam I will be able to sign as an engineer only within Italy. If I emigrate to Canada, I will have to take the PE exam in the region where I want to practice. I.e. if I take the exam in Toronto I won't be able to work as a PE, to say, in Vancouver or in Ottawa.

Anyway don't let those thoughts take away this joy...and moreover, don't miss this chance to make today my last-exam day. I should really really study today. Huff!

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  1. Congrats!! You deserve to be proud!! What an accomplishment!! You go girl!! Heck-I am proud of you!

    Take care,

  2. Hey I just saw this which means it's all over, right?!

    Woohoo! Congratulations!!!!!

  3. That's great, Congrats! Go out and celebrate, enjoy life again & don't think too much about future exams, live in the moment for now. :)

  4. Congratulations, indeed,... although they're obviously late. :/

    Oh, I'll soon be emailing you an invitation to an old blog of mine that I've decided to set up with a limited readership. I trust/hope that the email in your profile is accurate. My own address is gary_d_townsend@yahoo.com.

    The name of the old blog, by the way, is Gesprächig Projekte, and the email will have a subject line that reads "You have been invited to view gdtownshende's blog".


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