19 luglio 2007

The white rabbit ones

Have you ever meet a white rabbit? Those people who are always late, no matter if they are the one who decided when to meet, they'll be late anyway?
Well, I have and I really hate that behaviour.
I have a friend who is always late. She blame the others, her family, and something unexpected on the last second. And you spend 30-40 minutes waiting and waiting.

Is there a cure? When we were younger everybody in your little company of friends got angry at her. She was never there on time and had always a consisten delay. When you are waiting on the street at night, with cold weather in the winter or mozzies in the summer it is not really pleasant.
But she does not seem to care. She just say "sorry" smiling and the next time does the same.

Once I was very rough to her, and told her she didn't care about others and thought everybody was at her complete disposal. She got offended and angry herself. Of course the excuse is "or you take me the way I am or you can go to hell".
She's such a nice girl, but this delay-issue is really touching my nerve.

I have tried everything.
If we are together and have an appointment with a third person, I tell her not to waste time putting the make up on, or not to wash her hair, or to don't put on the body cream. And she just replies "c'mon, it's a matter of minutes....what can a few minutes do?". Then, the few minutes are 30, then 40... I get ashamed with the third person, she does not seem to care.

I have also tried to pick her up on time. But if you think that she'll goes out on time just because she knows that you are waiting for her in the car you are wrong. She can make you wait for 30 minutes. I tried to get there earlier, like 20 mins before the appointment. I waited my 20 minutes plus another 20 of "usual delay". I yelled at her, and told her she was really rough. And she said I was the stupid one to arrive earlier.

Yesterday morning she should have picked me up at 8.15.
At 8.15 I was standing on the street because there is no parking there and cars shouldn't stop during rush hours. At 8.17 I sent her a text. At. 8.30 she said she was dressing.
Then I decided to walk to her place. At 8.45 I was there. At 8.55 we were finally heading out of town.

2 commenti:

  1. Interesting. I tend to be late as well but not 30/40 min on average! But you're true: being always late means you don't really care other people. You might want to talk to her again or just let things go: I'm sure she will be on time when she's interested to an issue!

  2. Anonimo1:46 AM

    don't hand with the person if they do that over and over.


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