24 giugno 2007

Who need a website anymore?

I was thinking about this just this morning. I have made several website and they are scattered on the web. I have not been updating my personal one for almost 3 years, although I don't like the graphic and and the contents are out of date.

So why am I not updating my website? First of all, because I don't need it. It's not a professional website and I don't have to publicize any business nor to show any sample of my works.
Second, I would not do it in Italian, since most of my webfriends are English mothertongue. The Italian ones are the ones that know me in the real life or far away and not so close to be interested in a webspace of mine. Third, making a website is really a waste of time, who need it when you can get free templates for a blog?

Yeah, blogs are more freshy and updated than a website. I don't agree anymore with half of what I wrote on my personal website. But in a website you will lost the old words if you want to put the new ones. Whereas on the blog nothing fades, it's just into the archive, buried under newer posts.

I like to read my blog for the beginning to the last post, so that I can trace all my thoughts and feelings throughout the time. And you? Have you ever had a personal website? Do you still update it? How many websites and blogs do you have?

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  1. I don't have a personal website, I have only a Myspace page, that is a similar thing.
    Actually I have one blog and, like you, sometimes I read it from the beginning. It's a funny way to see how things, feelings and thoughts could change.
    I had in the past other blogs, but I closed them, because I didn't have so much to say to keep 2 or 3 blogs!


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