10 giugno 2007

Hama beads / Perler beads

I am going completely insane and have ordered tons of beads from the US. I hope they'll arrive here asap! I know that IKEA makes them, too, but they're out of stock in the surrounding stores, so I had to order online from America. YOu just take the pearls, put on pegboard to form an image, iron them (so that they melt) and that's done!

Ain't they cute?

2 commenti:

  1. Have not heard from you in awhile. Doing okey? There a so many things you can do with the beads. Let me know what you create.


  2. Hi - I would love to sell some beads to you, and you could save a great deal on shipping.

    Visit my shop: Hama beads


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