22 marzo 2007

Spring is here again...

Terri asked me how is the weather like in Italy.
Well, spring has come, but these very last days it is standing still because a cold current coming from the Ocean made the temperature drop of 10°C.
Currently there should be around 10°C, while on last week there were 17°C.
So, back to the jacket, and careful with the sun.

In my house here in Pavia I have several succulents, but I am starting to bring them at home (my mom's) because I plan to stay less and less here in Pavia.

And now some pics from Pavia:

And this one is my mom's balcony (half of it):

2 commenti:

  1. Green thumb Poala!

  2. Beautiful succulent plants! We have similar ones in our apartment, but none are blooming like that!

    Also freezing here in Firenze.


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