14 febbraio 2007

RSS feed

The RSS feed revolution

Why the feeds?
Some of my readers, which are the bloggers whose blogs I read, have been recently invited to put RSS feed on their page, so that I can see when there are news post without visiting directly their blog. This is become necessary since I read more than ten blogs, thus if I open ten blogs at once they take a lot of time to get loaded and firefox might crash.
How to get the feeds?
Post feeds
Each blogspot user should have RSS feed enabled by default (they can be disabled from the Settings). For example mine are at the bottom of the page "Subscribe to the post (Atom)" and are located at this URL: http://martinoeraunodegliwham.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Comments feeds
In this way you can get updated to the posts.
I myself am not interested into knowing when there are new posts on my blog, since I write them and I am supposed to know when I write something new. However, I am interested in new comments. So I subscribed to the new comments of my blog: http://martinoeraunodegliwham.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

How to check the feeds?
I am gonna post two screen shot of possible use of the feeds.
I am a Mozilla user, so the screenshot are of my brwser Firefox and my email client Thunderbird. However I am sure that there are similar functions also for other web clients, as well. And finally there are some programs made to read the feeds only and you can easily find them on the internet.

Reading new posts of Expattalk.com forum. I have put the RSS icon on firefox's bar. Now everytime I click on it I get a list of the most recent posts on the forum. The RSS is periodically refreshed. Enlarge the pic to spot the details.

Reading the new posts with Thunderbird. They are displayed like newsgroup. Each post is displayed separately and I could see them on my browser by clicking on the url shown in the grey bar. Some blogs doesn't allow to show the whole post on the feed but just the first 2-3 lines, some displays the entire post. In the example given I can read the entire post.
If there is any new post on the blogs I am subscribed to, then a number in ( ) will appear near the blog name, just like if it is a new email.

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