20 gennaio 2007

Which Couture Designer Bests Suits You?

You scored as Gucci. You were born to be a Gucci Girl. You're sexy, you know it, and you love to show it. You love over-the-top luxury and feeling beautiful.









Alexander McQueen


Marc Jacobs


Which Couture Designer Bests Suits You?
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Jeez, I hate Gucci! I can't see myself as a Gucci-girl.
What do I own from Gucci?
One perfume "Envy me"
one vintage shoulder bag I inheritated from my mom

I consider Gucci one of the most mafious high couture brands, so I refuse to have their logo on myself. A perfume leaves no logo.
I use the GG bag when I want to show I'm a rich girl (which I am not) because here in Italy having a Gucci bag means that you are ok. The more you have the richest you are (and the more the mafia goes..)

But Chanel scored even with Gucci. What do I have from Chanel?
Just the face cream hydramax + which cost me €52. It's good but I don't know if I am gonna buy it again.

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