27 gennaio 2007

Don't mess with Texas!

When I visited the UN palace in February 2006 I took a guided tour with a small group of tourists. Some American, a couple of Australians, three Japaneses,...
There was also a couple of Texans in their 60, husband & wife. He wore the typical Texan hat, she was the typical American housewife. He looked like a modern cowboy in jeans, square shirt and cowboy hat and a little rude attitude. She was come out from a glossy magazine as the perfect 60 y.o. -but-still-young woman with a pastel tailleur and perfect manners. He carried around a canvas bag with the "don't mess with Texas" slogan, which I have never heard before but made me laugh. And he kept complaining he couldn't understand what the Asian guide was saying because whe was a foreigner and with a cold. I told him I was happy I was not the only one that didn't understand the guide - and that I though I lacked on English oral comprehension. He was polite and cool...a real Texan!!!! Now I really want something from the "Don't mess with Texas" campaign but the actual merchandising is pretty plan.

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  1. Hi. Love the "Don't Mess with Texas" Love it. Reminds me of football season her in America. My brother-in-law was a Houston Oilers fan and would call us up when the Cleveland Browns played Texas. He would yell,"Don't mess with Texas." *smile*

    Would love to put you on my blog-but I have not been able to figure out how to do it. Hopefully soon.

    Take care,

  2. Ciao Paola, it's Testa Dura here...I always found it rather amusing in light of the fact that my state's slogan for a while was "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania." You could say that PA and TX have different styles ;)

  3. definitely annother style!!

    Now I am unsure what would be best....

    I have never been either in PA or TX so... :D


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