18 ottobre 2006

What I am learning at school

Lately a lot of universiy professors have said complaining words, or at least non positive thoughts, about Italian industry, school and research.
Today I read an online newspaper whose online director is a well renowned Italian journalist who now lives in Washington. He has a daily column in which replies to the readers on various subjects.
One letter in the today's column was about the research in Italy. Researchers have indicted a strike on Friday 20th October because they have low financiaments and so on (as usual - nobody strikes because it is a nice sunny day).
The reader was asking why the research should be financed if it does not find application. That's a nice question. I am learning in an Economy course that the research is finalized to earn money by applying new technologies on appliances or products. But in Italy nobody invests money in the industry, so nobody is interested in financing the research.

Well said, reader.

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