01 ottobre 2006

Last year

This should be my last year as a student. I started school when I was six y.o. and now I am 23 (turning 24 in the next year).
Today I filed my plan of studies of the master, I changed something in the one of the previous year and now it results as follows:
- total number of exams of the master: 21
- of which in the first year: 12
- second year: 9
- already made: 8
- remaining: 13 of which 4 because of my laziness

The next chances:
October 5th, one
Mid November: intermediate session for lazy people. Probably two useful date, one of which if I fail on the 5ht October.
Chance to finish the master on time: 5%


*picture taken in the 2nd year of the bachelor. I was already annoyed.

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