29 settembre 2006

I wanna launch a campaign fund to make my own "don't mess with Pola" merchandising.
I wanna order some "don't mess with texas" items from the original campaign website , although this famous slogan was invented to promote prevention of litter in the streets. I saw it for the first time when I visited the United Nation Palace in New York City on last February. I was taking a guided tour through the building and the hostess was an Asian girl with a terrible cold. I don't need to say that I could barely understand a phrase and this typical Texan man told me "oh whadda hell...how is she talking?" and I replied "You don't understand her too? I thought I was the only one that didn't!"
He carried in his hand a Don't mess with Texas bag, Texan hat on his head and a very American over maked-up wife.


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