10 giugno 2006

The ones who throw away the stone and hide the hand

I am not catholic, I don't really like religions and I am really with Marx when he said it is the opium of the people. But this title is the best I've come up for this new post. Since someone messed up with my blog, I cannot even edit or delete the previous post "everyday we learn something" not its comment.
Therefore I cannot wash away nor my thoughts nor the anonymous comment, I prefer to spend a few words on it rather than getting crazy on how to delete that post.

I am one of those people who believe in the existence of constructive critics. If you don't have anyone who spot at your mistake, it is very hard that you will recognize them all by yourself. That's what school is for, or parents are for, but also friends and perfectly unknow people who give you direction of the dos and the don'ts. You may hate them when you meet them. Think about the nast teacher you have encountered during your endless school career, or the arguments with your parents, or when someone ruined your day just honkin' at your bad way of driving.

I don't really know who the anonymous is, but I won't trust him/her because I don't know who he/she is. I mean, he/she may be someone who happened to visit my blog and read the only post when I angrily wrote, then posted his/hers comment. Or he/she may be someone I know because I met him/her at a dinner, a party, at school.
Well, in the first case I don't think the anonymous has enough elements to criticize me.
In the second case I think he/she is not able to show up and tell me those things looking directly into my eyes.
In both case his/hers comments are perfectly unuseful.

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