30 aprile 2006

Let me live....retire!

So, now that the elections are over I will start again to write in English. In this way I will hide my political thoughts from the other Italians but I will be able to say something to my foreigner friends.
I am really bored by my life. I am 23 years old and I am in my best ages to work. I am young, energic, I want to do career and I am available to work 12 hrs a day to reach my targets. But Italian scholastic system want me to spend other 3 years studying, after the last 16.
Then I will be 25, maybe 26, and I will have still no experience, no money, nothing.
That's why I like to do something else instead of the typical student life: all the day at school, studying in the evening, going out on Saturday night only, just to find someone to go out with on the next weekend. If they sold boyfriends at the mall I would have bought a super discount huge pack of them.
In the Parliament they are voting to choose the next Senate President. The choiche is, basically, between to people who are over the retiring age.
What is left to the youngers?

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  1. thanks for posting on my blog. It's good that you are trying to figure out what you want to do instead of just blindly going through life.
    Your twenties is the time to take chances. buona fortuna.


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