04 gennaio 2006

January sales

With big surprise, here around sales begun on the 2nd January so I have plenty of time to run from store to store looking for things I don't need.
On the 2nd I went again at the Electronic mall to change the vacuum cleaner I bought to mum for xmas, then I visited another 2 because I was looking for a TV cable I didn't find. In the afternoon we visited ZEGNA's outlet, which is 2 town further mine. Mummy took a red sweater of the same model she bought in black last year.
Last, I went to an outlet nearby and I couldn't resist at Baldini's, where I go every 2 months. It's a very famous shoes brand. Check out Baldinini's website for more. I bought a wonderful leather shoulderbag. Original price was €239 and I got it for just €97. Big deal, yeah?

Yesterday, 3rd Jan, we went to AGNONA and LORO PIANA outlet in Valsesia. Mummy took 3 nice sweater at AGNONA's, at LORO PIANA we just took a coffee because it was the only worth bought.

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