29 dicembre 2005

Weird people: Metal fan

One kind of people that make me laugh the most are Metal fan who wear in an all-black style, with chains, big boots and used clothes. I have never seen a nice guy who wears so bad. My theory is that they dress up in this way to let you think they LOOK ugly because they WANNA look ugly, but you will find out a nice/cute/handsome boy if you undress them. This really pitiful because they ARE ugly and they can only get worst with those clothes on.

Three more good reason because metal-style is bullshit:
1) long haired men looks like clochard and aren't pretty at all. It seems they wanna look sensible like a lady with these savages western-maiden hairdos.
2) Black is really a bad colour. It reminds of bad things, included people who wanna look thinner. People who don't like themselves and are insicure and childish.
3) Chain, pins and other stuff they usually hung over they're clothes are heavy and pretty expensive, considering they're unuseful it is a completely waste of money an energy to carry 'em 'round.

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