08 dicembre 2005

Time to go to to the Vet has come...and passed away

Yesterday it was an awful day. I write today because I felt shocked for almost the past night. It never happened to me. I was catched first and pulled into our plastic cage. Then Poldo was kidnapped, too. Pola took us to the vet, it was so cold outside! The waiting room was empty but sometimes we heard a cat crying. Pola left our door opened so we could take a look around, she was calm and always looking at us. Me & Poldo were a bit shy so walked slowly and we seemed like kittens, SOOOO small. (But he didn't fake his 5 kgs very well, though!!) Then it was our turn. Poldo was taken out first. They pulled him up and down, open his fauces, looked into his ears, WATCHED UNDER HIS SHORT TAIL (what an offence, he's my boyfriend!!!) and then pushed a thermometer into his back. Oh God, I started to remember that those things happened to me last year. Pola says the next time she'll take us to the vet separately because we're too heavy to carry together; and we won't get frenzy.
Poldo and the vet's assistent were laughin at Poldo when he risked to sit with the thermometer inside. They're sadic, u know?

So when it was my turn I was a bit upset and when they forced me to come out from the cage I spread my arms to look stuck into the cage and "I'm sorry I don't know how I was pushed into the cage but I'm sure I can't...I can't come out now!!"

Hell know how they did took me out anyway!! I didn't want to open my mouth, nor to be touched or have my back violated. I tried to run off the table but Pola was holding me so tight. The assistent said I still have gums' problems, I should eat an oily past forever. I'm so unlucky.
The worst was when the main vet came to visit me AGAIN. It were frantic moments. I just wanted to run home, I was so scared. Pola has red signs on her arms AND BELLY, now. She said i was like a devil. Poldo was upset too and tried to get out the cage, so they had to close the studio's door. Thenk it was time to go home: Pola was going to take Girino there.

Here I am eating like a beast after vet's visit. Fear makes me hungry!

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