28 dicembre 2005

Spazzolino is gonna retire

Martino is gonna retire in the next year, 2006. Surfing on the net he found out that there are more useful things and he wants to cultivate his private life.
This experiment to write on a blog Martino's life was a bit improved by the fact that the casual reader doesn't know who Martino is.
Is not very simple to explain what another person act like. I've found a blog against a certain person, I think the new lover of an ex-boyfriend. It was absurd and full of anger. It looks impossible to describe tha fantastic world of my 3 cats and the chats intercourring between them. I find it so funny to imagine alla days new fact and adventures of them but only my mum get the funny side of it.
So these are the last 3 days of the Martino Reign on this blog.
From 1st Jan. 2006 it will pass in Pola-Paola's hand, who's the one that has been keeping this up for Martino until now.

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