29 dicembre 2005

SALDI Sales Rebajas Sailles

Sales are coming! This morning I went to Unieuro, a local electronic stuff chain, and found out that sales were already begun there. What a joy! It was not crowded and the 2nd day of sales, no leaflet still came to the houses to advise so there were the usual customers only.
I bought a USB bluetooth pen (€ 9.90) and a 1GB USB pen (€49.90)
for conversion rates visit Oanda the currency converter
I was so happy I couldn't avoid to use my carte bleu.
On the 5th Jan the sales will interest the Lombardia's stores.
This means Via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, via Borgospesso with at least a 30% off. [My purse is not plenty of money yet, but I hope someone will put some into]

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