21 dicembre 2005

Pics Pics Pics

Here's some pictures of me and my furry family.
The one all in BLACK is Girino, the cat of our neighbours who beared at our house 1 year ago; the one in gray is Poldo, my lover. And the one in the red suit (looks like little Elton John) is me.

Poldo starring as the OX in our presepe ander the artificial tree. A warm yellow light gives a pleasant and familiar atmosphere.

Me as the GUEST STAR, JESUS CHRIST, wrongly staying in the kitchen (baby jesus was hungry too)

Paola and Girino make a great couple but this doesn't last too much so she's always cheating on me anyway.

Me, very tired on the balcony on last summer after taking a very long sunbath.
Me with my lover Poldo. Tenderly hughin' one to another.

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