28 dicembre 2005

Bugatti EB 16 Veyron: how to run over 400 km/h without a race car.

The jewel of bugatti has finally born. After 5 years of studies and improvement the car named after Veyron pilot was put on the street for test.
For those who don't know that supercar I'll post a picture and two useful links:
How the Bugatti EB 16 Veyron works

Bugatti's WebSite

A brief review from RaiderLegend's blog:

At the moment, the Bugatti Veyron appears to have it all:

* A W-16 engine that can produce 1,001 horsepower
* A top speed of 250+ mph (400+ kph)
* A zero-to-60 time of three seconds
* A zero-to-180 time of 14 seconds
* A price tag somewhere in the $1 million range.

Here's a paragraph from a great article by Matt Stone associated press, describing his experience of test driving a Bugatti:

As I pilot the 16.4 through one of Sicily’s mile-long tunnels, and the speedo swings past 280 kilometers per hour (about 174 mph), I now know what it feels like to be a hollow-point slug traveling down the barrel of a long-nose .44 Magnum. Potent forces lunge me forward, the tunnel’s lights blur into streaks, and the W16’s subwoofered rumble is magnified by the rock walls. The tiny white dot way up ahead represents the end of the barrel and bursting out into the daylight is as bright as any weapon’s muzzle flash.

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