12 dicembre 2005

Being the beautiful of the courtyard

It's not so simple as you may think. You may say I've born this way and I'm lucky and I shouldn't complain. In fact it isn't so. I've to lick my fur twice the normal, act as a king with royal movements of the tail, look at my best everytime I put a paw out of my house....

Problems of being a cool cat:
1) everyone is always staring at me
2) other cats follows me or they fight with me because they're envious (---> damaged ears, fur, dirty paws and so on)
3) As I'm red am even more noticeable
4) Difficult to rest in peace, people are always tryin' to get my attention
5) Pola is always making an attempt to touch me, kiss me and whisper in my ear "SPAZZOLO!!!"

Good thing of being a king:
1) The vet herself call me by my name
2) Poldo will never fall in love for another one cat
3) I look damn cool under the green xmas tree
4) nobody will sit on me in the dark
5) Everybody thinks about me, so I'll never ge closed out of the house
6) I've a loud voice and I can wake up Mommy even if she's deeply sleepling.

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