24 novembre 2005

Remember the time...

...when I was younger I used to play as a DJ at Celebrità. I was so fighino, I wore Gucci sunglasses even if I worked at night and in a dark place. Our prime minister Berlusconi put in fashion the bandana and I couldn't not to wear it. Mine has the US flag stamped on it. I am so Spazzolino-dadada- very very spazzolino - meowmeow- Do U know that song? Up your tails fellas, here's Martino le chat fighino.... these were old times. Now I use to stay home at night. Although Poldo doesn't go out in the sunshine because is afraid of the world, I cannot stand the freezing weather of november at night. It frizzes my fur!
I wonder where he goes at night, he told everyone he's taking hully-gully lessons. He's so old fashioned. I'll look forward to publish a picture of my lover Poldo ASAP. Stay tuned!

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