29 novembre 2005

Animal meme

So, it looks very common to fill in this meme on the net. I'll do mine, thank you Gatti Americani for taggin' it.

Favourite place to sleep?
My big cushion in the corner of the living room, near the radiator.

Favourite music?
i don't like noise, but i'm a barithone when I'm hungry.

Favourite toy?
Toy?? I don't play!I'm His royal Majesty Spazzolino I.

Favourite flavour of Stinky Goodness?
I'm very fond on fish, lately.

Favourite human?
Lucia, but I must confess I start to like Pola, too.

Favourite game?
I hunt some mice and lizards in summer but seldom take 'em home. (see the picture beyond)

Favourite window?
The one in Lucia's bedroom.

Favourite naughty thing to do?
Come home when it's time to sleep and howling as a crazy cat for food. Lucia has to get up and go to get some food ready for me in the kitchen even if she's almost asleep in bed and there are 15°C in the house!

3 commenti:

  1. vorrei sapere scrivere come te.. sono sicuro che tutte queste cose in ingleseti sono uscite in live streming.. zero pensieri.. a me no.. sono geloso

  2. ops.. streaming.. è che ho scritto veloce..

  3. vai tranqui! E' inutile sapere una lingua senza avere niente da dire.


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